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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Doll Chat

Hi Everyone
Weather is 'winters' again ........ Little snow flurries now and again !
Today, I'm focusing on 'dolls'.
My aim is to explore dolls on Wednesdays. All kinds of dolls and dolls in the widest possible sense. Making and painting dolls as well as unusual dolls etc, etc. ...................
The most important doll in my world is Miss Mitchell. She is the first mixed media painting and 'doll' in my collection. She changes slightly with each new painting but her face and especially her eyes are very similar. My March painting is a new Miss Mitchell and I thought I would try and give the story of Miss Mitchell a revival (to support her development). Her story is written down and has been made into a little handmade book for children. I don't have an image of the book but it was a small item ( 10 pages) covered with various views of Miss Mitchell in her garden and lots and lots of butterflies. Before writing the children's story, I wrote out a mini biography to provide background and context for the children's story (for my benefit rather than inclusion in the book). I do feel I 'know' Miss Mitchell and she plays a huge roll in all my work. I often forget that she is in fact an image and talk about her as a real person. The children's book was designed as a teaching tool for a particular group of small children and was called Miss Mitchell's Garden. It was important to choose the language carefully and develop the story in a particular way to support a special learning objective (all about things to be found in a garden). I'm hoping to produce another few books with stories around the characters.
This is the mini biography :
Miss Arabella Mitchell's (Bella) Story
Miss Mitchell was born in Old Papersac,it's an old harbour town which has developed into a holiday destination and a very pretty place.Miss Mitchell lived with her Grandmother and a younger twin sister in the town. Old Papersac has lots of brightly coloured painted houses built in narrow winding streets.The girls parents had died when the girls were very young children. Both girls did not remember their parents. The girls are grown up now.
Miss Mitchell has recently moved to Papersac Village, she is a teacher and has moved to the village to start a new village school. Her sister has decided to come too and lives in the house next door. Her sister is a writer. She writes and illustrates children's books. Both girls love to garden. This is the reason they wanted to live in the village , lots of land to garden.
The Mitchell's have other friends who are living in the village - Miss Burton and her sister.
Miss Burton is a musician, her sister runs the flower shop. All four girls are excited to be living so close to each other. They see lots of social opportunities as well as helping each other to start their new lives in the village together and making new friends from the village.
Miss Mitchell has a dog and a hedgehog and a cat (Barney, Colin and Bert). She loves her garden and hopes to inspire her pupils to love and understand all things in the garden. Butterflies , ladybirds, birds, flowers,trees and plants.She wants the children to learn via the natural things in the garden and doing lots of practical, creative things and to love writing as well as seeing beautiful patterns in numbers. She hopes to encourage her sister to help with creative writing and painting activities.
Just in case you have forgotten, this is Miss Mitchell.

The first painting 'Always and forever' shows Miss Mitchell wearing some little ballet style shoes and I saw a great image of another doll with some shoes which would look great too.

Check out these dolls from here made by lorimarie.

The new Miss Mitchell will be a little different. This is the last image in the blog.

Bye for today.