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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Flower talk and 'mental cleansing'

Hi Everyone
It's raining today ! - it's been a while since Ive written that. More of a light damp atmosphere than raining hard. Still, not very inviting outside.

I've made a few inroads into my studio overhaul. It's slow going and almost a distressing experience. Not wanting to be over dramatic but I feel like a huge chunk of my artistic journey is embodied in lots of this stuff - half finished projects and memorabilia (waiting for the right project) etc. Most of it, is complete junk of course. I'm reminded every 5 mins of that Tv programme that deals with extreme 'hoarders' (as an illness). I'm not making fun of this problem at all and can easily see how it can become 'a big problem'. Yesterday, I tidied lots but didn't really chuck much. My plan is to do this ( the actual 'binning') in small chunks both as a time saving idea and give myself a break from the trauma !!!!! Our house is (generally) in the process of chucking stuff and I find I can cope in the kitchen or the linen cupboard but when it gets to things that matter (to me) eg clothes and shoes (especially shoes), kids baby toys, books and my 'art stuff' ........ So difficult ! Having done it, however, it's wonderful - exhilarating almost. So ..... 'keep going' is my mantra.

Now, Ive got that of my chest, there's been a tiny bit of progress on the silver project ( go back a few blogs if you have missed the detail on this). I've chosen a range of mini beads

I also have the new silver findings. Brilliant service from an outfit called Electric Silver ( you can find them on Ebay) so quick to deliver. I'm going to do a trial run on the beaded bit today.

I've also been inspired by someone called Traci Bunker. She has a book and a range of YouTubes - speeded up too so you get the point really quickly. Anyway she journals amongst other things and throughout her work she uses henna stencils. These give a great look to a page and I thought I'd like to work with these things. Inexpensive and can be used lots of times. I've seen some in the Uk but I especially like one on her website. It's USA based but I may still go for it. I'll share my results when they happen.
I'm also inspired to make some of these flowers with buttons. There is a picture pictorial too

I'm going to make some and add my big flower vase display - this display is two silver things that florists use and I change them every so often. Here they are at the moment

They look a bit tired and 'wintery'. I think along with some other new flowers they will perk up with some button stems. I also use my display to hang little tags ( from birthdays or presents) just to display any pretty little tags. In the same theme, I saw this lovely display for Easter in a Red magazine. Lots of little Easter egg things. I may go down this route too.

One last thing today, Ive been finding 'new/old' dolls in my 'clear out'. Just thought I would share them. They were linked with Christmas projects, hence the 'angel-like' thing going on. They have zoomed up the 'to do' list and will end up in the 'tartan' painting ... somehow. Not sure what will happen to them ? You may notice the coloured blooms rejected from the Mary Haversham painting. I NEVER throw anything away !!!!!!

Bye for today.