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Monday, 4 March 2013

Making SILVER things.

Hi Everyone
It's looks like a reasonably good day weather wise - dry and not so cold ! Fingers crossed that Spring is truly beginning.

Now for something I need to share - I had a lovely experience over the weekend, a silver clay workshop ! It's something Ive been meaning to do for years. This class had been arranged for quite a few months and as the time got close, I did wonder if my expectations of the class were rather too high ? No such thing - it was great and Im still 'buzzing'. I went to the session with two good friends and (I know) this added to my positive experience. The whole involvement with the materials and the silver things we produced was amazing. I would recommend anyone having a go. I then spent much of the evening and Sunday boring anyone who would listen and researching all things silver clay ( to allow me to continue working with silver clay at home). At the workshop, I made a pair of earrings (minus posts) and a pendent for a necklace.

Before the event, I had thought about what I might make and even did some mini sketches.

The inspiration behind my ideas is taken from a large painting that Ive started which looks at 'tartan' - lots of different takes on the theme. More will follow about this painting when there is more to show. At the moment it's a large bit of wood with pencil sketches and some holes ! My youngest son thought it was firewood ! Say no more.
Anyway, getting back to the silver stuff, I had these vague sketch ideas but was willing to go where I needed to within the class. I didn't mind what came out I was just happy to be 'doing'.
You can see my results - on the sketch page. The smaller items will be mounted onto silver posts and the other item is to be the necklace. I'm not sure exactly how the necklace will turn out ? My initial idea (for thenecklace) is to have a simple jump ring to attach to some leather or cotton thong and some silver small beads threaded onto the thong. I know, I don't want just a silver chain. I've put some holes in the pieces with an idea to sew thread through the silver to 'stitch' the piece. I need to choose a colour for the thread. I've tried a silver and gold wire but although it practically works, it's not me and I want to give a unique take on the final jewellery piece. I am inclined to go for red but maybe green ?

I like the texture of the pieces. At first (during the production phase) I found myself smoothing out the clay too much to give a clean finish to the surface. I scrapped that and started again to try and get the 'inperfection' look to give a natural wood or stone feel. I need to work on this, bits of my piece is like that but other bits have gone a bit too far. Still, I'm so excited about my results and am SO into doing more. Everyone in our class (10 of us) made great pieces, everyone seemed thrilled with their achievements. This gave a real 'buzz feel' by the end of the class.

Back down to earth today. The tag project (from Friday) moves on - all will be attached to the bags later today. I will get a photo when done.
My studio is about to have a complete makeover ! I'm dreading this job, there's so much rubbish and hours of sorting needed. It's got to point where the room can not function as a studio, so it's got to be done. All will be well, eventually ! Ive been putting off doing this job for ages. I will reward myself with some silver clay when it's done - a fantastic motivation for me.

Bye for today.