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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Laura Mvula and the power of inspiration.

Hi Everybody
What another fabulous day outside - its a little frosty (mid morning) but the sun is bright and the sky is blue. Makes the day soooo much better !

Yesterday, I bought a new album

It's wonderful, I love this sound. I've been playing it all around the house for about 24 hours. It's lifting my 'soul' ! It's such a long time since Ive found new music which has done this. I've suddenly got loads of new ideas (which all seem possible). I'm never short of ideas, it's just they are usually completely 'off the wall' and mainly non- achievable and mostly stay in my head (for all time). Im 'a classic dreamer'. Nothing wrong in dreaming ! but my kind tends to make me feel Im not getting anywhere !!! - Can be self destructive. However, Laura has made me believe in myself - for the time being !
I'm not sure which of the tracks is my favourite ? - I love them all. Generally, the reviews of the album are good but there are a few doubters out there. I read a review yesterday which suggested Laura and her music was 'too sophisticated' ! - is this possible ? I think she's great - take a look at her website Here. And be inspired.

Now Im feeling so optimistic, it's time to maximise stuff. I've moved on my silver thing from my wonderful workshop session (see yesterday to be bored to death by my gushing review of the workshop). I've received the silver posts (only ordered Sun pm) and stuck them on to make the earrings. they will have a good few hours to harden. Ive threaded green thread through the little holes. I like.

I'm working on a brown cotton necklace thread but will use the green too.I want to link the pendant piece as one. I need another metal link for the pendant - this one isn't silver and looks a bit clumsy. I have some silver beads which are going to find their way into the design as well as some green and brown mini beads - they are in my bead stash but I haven't made the final decisions yet. I'm going to leave this stage for a few days and then review - I like doing this with my stuff. It gives a better objective self review (it works for me).

Ive also mentioned recently doing a large painting in connection with 'tartan' and the link with my silver stuff design. It's also inspired my March painting so will be working on that. The very first inspiration (for the large painting and then the silver stuff) came from a birthday card design I did from years ago.

Fortunately, the design has moved a long way from the birthday card image but its where it all started. I thought, I would share the idea of inspiration and make the next links (to the painting design) as they happen. This idea always amazes me when I retrace my steps to come up with ideas. I've started to draw 'mind maps' of the process and thought I'd like to do another painting illustrating this in the next few months ie the mind map. I will be collecting material as I go to contribute to the design process for the March painting. I've no idea what this practically means yet but it feels achievable (with the help of Laura ). On that note, bye for today.