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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mary returns !

Hi Everyone
what a lovely sunny day plus loads more snow !!! I had thought the snow had gone (wishful thinking).

It looks great from in here.

I missed my blog yesterday, events took over and I was feeling a little unwell. I'm not sure where my day went ?
There has been huge pressure re my January painting, my progress is a bit disappointing. I have made Improvements and am OK 'ish' with the outcome to date. But ....... I've decided to put the paining up on my display wall - I use this for photographing (usually) but it's also useful to have paintings up there to 'ponder'. I tend to find new solutions from the activity. Here are a few images to share.

I've taken inspiration from a book called 'Creative Thursday' - I mentioned this a few weeks ago on this blog, look back for details. The specific image I used as inspiration (from the book) was this picture.

I did a few very quick sketches of my own

and quickly had an idea of using the little figures on my 'hill' (in the Jan. paining)There is something not quite there yet but I will keep going.
In the meantime, Feb is here and my new paining for this month is this one.

Regular callers to this blog will recognise Mary Haversham as an old paining (unfinished). I've decided to use the Feb paining project to finish the piece. I do have some clear ideas about what's next but I hope I can add something new. However, I do have a new title - it's going to be 'I Can Fix It'. There is a story behind this. All will be revealed in good time.

That's about all for today. Bye for now.