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Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentine Card Project

Hi Everyone
Another cold and frosty day today. There are lots of big clouds but blue sky too ! I'm ever hopeful, so the day may turn out well.
It's Friday again, and our Die Cut day. Earlier in the week, I mentioned Valentine preparations and had planned to share some cards from last year. I've put a link in here to share what Im talking about
Check it out here
Unfortunately, someone has bought the lot. I had 7 cards in total. However, all is not lost - I do have another idea. The first photo shows some of the hearts made for last years cards. You can see how they were used in the next few photos.

These are the cards themselves.

I also made several gift tags which you can see from the leftover hearts. I made the gift box to hold general stock but its just a simple paper mâché box - painted and decorated.
My plan B is to use another idea which I've had for my own valentine make. So, here we go ....
The series of photos show the materials and tools I'm using and the order of constructing the final piece.

I did consider using hearts and pinks and reds etc. but decided on a more masculine and 'known to be liked' pattern (I used this several times and its always commented upon as being liked by my 😘)

I cut out the heart shape as a template. My 'card' is in fact a mini canvas (18x13 cm). I'm very keen on using these as cards at the moment.

I've drawn the heart shape with pencil using my template - I did trim the shape into a longer, thinner heart but think the template is useful throughout the project for placing and cutting the next shapes.

I've taken my heart die and cut out three times using the single die. My die has several styles of hearts which lend themselves to being fitted together. Each cut gave me five different hearts. If you didn't have a die you could make some mini templates and fold your paper to cut out five hearts at once, giving the same idea of repeating the heart combinations.

I spent a little time placing the hearts and settled on the positions you see. Some heart shapes will obviously fit together in different ways.

I decided to add a few words 'be mine' using the Tim Holtz Typeset alphabet. I love this font for lots of projects. I've taken some recycled brown packaging as the material for the words. If you didn't have the die you could write the message directly onto the card.

I painted the heart shape with Golden Fluid Acrylic in Titan Buff - another material I use for many projects. I like the colour and the texture this paint gives. It gives great coverage but is smooth to use.

I use the back of the mini canvas to write my message and have also added a paper string 'hanger' to display the card. I've cut out some old paper circles to glue the paper string in place.

I've also added a little paper charm. Again using the same Scribbles #4 die and threading with the paper string onto the hanging.
I like to add lots of dry paint to give an almost 'dirty' look to the finished piece, using a self mixed brown, I may have gone a bit too far on the back, so will clean it up a bit with more white dry paint.

I wasn't going to use this actual card for my Valentine. I did have some other materials for the same idea, however, I do quite like this one so may use it
( hope Richard doesn't look in on the blog until after 14/2/20013- don't want to get caught out).
Hope you liked the project. Have a great weekend.
Bye for now.