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Monday, 7 November 2011

Simple wood or vibrant jewels ? or both ?

Hi anyone
am looking out onto a crisp, frosty Monday morning - a beatiful blue sky too. Today, will be a benchmark day in getting all the dolls onto canvas (From Scratch project) and have a good look at next stage. I have an idea to give each canvas a little step forward each day ? is it possible to add to twelve pictures each day ? I'm going to try it for a short time - perhaps 3-5 days and see if it works. The idea is to try and bring all the pieces into a cohesive whole without losing their individuality ! Will let you know.
Am also pondering Christmas again - have a list of twelve items which I would like to bring in one each day - more thought required but I hope to link directly to my shops so anyone can purchase from here - assuming anyone  out there ? Saw something amazing frames on Crescendo - see below - where can I get some of these frames ? I need to find them.
Found some cute little pegs (better picture than the previous one) for Christmas stuff - will adapt/embellish etc
but they seem to embody one of the Christmas looks for me- I have a jewelled purple/red/pink theme too - more fitting with my main living space -see below these pictures are not brilliant but the room is so messy that nothing else could could be done right now but I do like the simple wood/red thing. My colours are vibrant and very loud but when the space is not littered with stuff its quite calming (for me anyway).

 My intentions are to dress up my room with some of the christmas stuff so we can have the before and after shots ! Sounds good hope it works.
Bye for now.