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Friday, 21 June 2013

Is ONE bag of die cuts enough ?

Hi everyone
What a disappointment ! - it's raining and very dull. Not sure if the sun will be out today ?

Friday again ...... Wow ! Where did the week go ? I'm obviously having a such a great time sorting out my studios/life ! Ive successfully brainwashed myself but when my troop arrive home this evening, they will see chaos - much greater than earlier in the week. One of my kids and hubbie have been away all week and my other boy doesn't notice his surroundings as long as there is a screen available. I've got to figure out how to make things superficially OK without messing up The Order Project.

Some great news from The Order - I started talking about a painting inspired by some storage crates - see 19/6 blog. Well, Ive made an initial sketch of one of the guests. Here she is :

She is called Rebecca - partly because she represents the red box, now storing my PRINTING stuff. I plan to base each guest on a box and its contents ie colours, size etc. I prepared a couple of shapes based on the crates and cut them out. I will use these templates to provide a framework for developing the characters and their clothing.Here are the templates.

I'm not sure about the faces, can't decide if they need the details ? I could just leave them faceless ? Will decide later. I'm hoping this painting will be painted on a large wood frame with some clay crockery and extra's (not yet imagined). This little idea has makes me smile every time I think about it. What a great result from The ORDER. I'm listing all these positives - as I go.

Anyway, it's Die Cut Friday and Im way down the blog already ! So, Im on to the subject - her we go with die cuts. Another find from The Order is lots of bits of die cuts left over and stored in little boxes or bags. I've spent time sorting and throwing many away, however, the remaining die cuts are either thick card or flexible shapes or unique. I guess you could apply that description to most die cuts, what I mean is, I can, personally,see them being used in many different circumstances.
Here is the stuff Im left with :

I think I can organise some of the shapes and bag them into useful little scrapbooking embellishments for sale at my 'soon to be' charity sale (mentioned this yesterday). I will also commit to keeping this single 'see through' bag quantity of left over die cuts - anymore and it's not useable or 'findable'. I like the idea of taking some shapes and using them in lots of areas of my work. Sometimes little embellishments can direct a piece of work into a great direction. So, generally, I think keeping a single bag of die cuts is good - subject to regular review, of course !!

Yesterday, I managed to get live tennis going on the PC in the studio while sorting - heaven ! I also managed to drink gallons of coffee and eat bags of chocolate or yogurt covered raisins !!!! My aim is to do this again today. However, I need to go and get some family food in a moment. However, before I go I need to flag up how well The Order Project systems are going. I've sorted out the daily list approach and the review procedure - it's a quick 2/3mins job and my mind is now ordered for the day (in this limited context you understand - obviously not for general life itself). Here is the working document in progress:

Have a great weekend. Back next week.

Bye for now