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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

ORDER + BOOK 'under development'

Hi everyone
A bit of a dull day today - the weather improved lots over the day yesterday so Im hoping the same will happen today.Fingers crossed.

Well, Ive got going with the project of the moment : ORDER. I've organised my little recording method ie my little book.The book will record my experiences within the project and Im hoping to link aspects with web links - perhaps little videos or picture book or ? who knows, whatever creative elements I can think of.Here is the book so far.

I've added a little decoration to my photo (just because I cant resist decorating things and making them pretty) but the 'under development book' is simply 21 pages of ATC cards ready for recording my project experiences. The pages are varied white(ish) bits of scrap from my shelf. Some bits have a little texture and are different thicknesses. I can make more pages if I need more but I will leave the building of the book until Ive finished. Im hoping I will be inspired to make something brilliant post project. Along the way,I will record little snippets of the journey to bring order to my living/working space. I've come to realise that both living and working are at one in my world. The two are interdependent and I need an equilibrium to achieve my 'perfect place'. Sounds a good aspiration to me anyway !!!

'The order project' as Im calling it, starts practically with reducing clutter in the widest sense - mainly from my studio.It's not just material things but Im including systems and organising too. As I spend more time thinking about this one, Im already opening up my mind to possibilities ( which Ive dismissed in the past). These 'things' and ideas are how and why I do what I do, I have a tendency to keep stuff that one day will be great for ? - the day never comes, of course and the 'stuff' muddies the waters and stops creativity rather than helping it. I don't even know what Im storing and It's all muddled so I can't find anything. Mostly, I don't like going in there, it's got 'negative vibes' .... ugh !
My art and ME move on everyday and I need to let go of things that have simply been part of my development. Im mindful that getting rid of everything is not the absolute and simple answer, it's about selecting what's important and what's just a habit or a comfort zone for me. Tackling the ORDER has been brewing for a while and probably hasn't got going because I haven't spent the time on thinking and planning properly. Again, with this in mind I'm taking my time and raising the importance of this task. Its now the most important thing and will keep being the most important work project until its done. It's in the middle of the Butterfly Board (my work schedule/system/organiser) having the highest priority. I want to see this ORDER project being an ongoing aspect of my work. As such I think the process needs to be integrated into an annual review ? - it's an idea I will keep thinking about. Im pleased to say, Im actually quite excited about this and am committed to working through the process. On that note, I must get going.

Bye for today.