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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hi everyone
Today it's raining - very lightly and there is a feel that the sun may appear ....? . Im hopeful !

The ORDER Project is ongoing and I THINK I'm making progress ? Today, I'm going to load my work stuff into crates - Ive planned to have 8 elements and therefore 8 crates (optimistic). There is a need for organisation and it will be the first time I can bring lots of things together and call them 'organised' - even if its just in a crate. My very important note of the board has some little holes for each element and I will add a mini tag identifying each element/crate. I enjoy making these funny little notes from scrap paper and odd bits of leftovers. Im not sure anything in the note has too much significance ? ,although, I do like the scallops and the watercolour paint effects and I like the 'theatrical thing' of hanging tags from the holes. Im getting the impression my note is representing a 'stage' - which fits in nicely with the ORDER Project.

You may notice that there are only 7 holes - I will need to make another hole ...... simple ! This is my starting point and I know I need to 'chuck' lots of stuff AND its going to be a cathartic process, eventually. I will record my thoughts on the subject as I go. This is the only bit of the sorting process Im looking forward to ie researching the mental journey. Generally, the thoughts of the disorder which will be created, is overwhelming for me - this is why Ive taken so long to get the project going. However, 'all will be well' as Miss Mitchell would say.

My artwork is taking a back seat for a week or so and although Im not physically developing paintings, I am thinking about my current work. Im going to display all the paintings 'under development' and surround myself with them for ideas - while I sort the studio. Im hoping the process will generate some new ideas.

Bye for today.