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Thursday, 27 June 2013

What exactly are 'micro' techniques ?

Hi everyone
Looks like an Ok day weather wise - the suns almost shining ! Say no-more !

Im still 'knee deep' in The ORDER Project - but weaving some new stuff in there too. Ive also spent time sorting my charity stuff for the weekend (its this Saturday and a bit more to do) but I keep going with my daily tasks too. Still no real order to report - in the 'physical' sense although Im working much better and I do follow clear daily workloads that result in planned outcomes.

My 'techniques Thursday' this week is looking at something I'm calling 'micro' techniques. These are similar techniques, to the ones Im using all the time, but ..... used to make 'little things' and 'very little things'. I know I talked about this earlier in the week but I wanted to explain what it all means.
These 'micro' techniques have been particularly highlighted (to me)through my pencil doll project. There are many tasks which are turning out to be quite specific when it comes to working with very small construction. Ive found that many of my crafting tools are often too big and cumbersome for a job. Ive managed to get around problems by making tools and adapting methods. Ive also found that I can make lots of extra embellishments because they are so small and I can find a wider range of materials more easily. The little booklet I started is about 6 pages long now and Im putting little diagrams and photos in there. I like the physical book but am also going to make an online 'e' version which will be an ongoing 'update- able' item. The booklet is for my own use but I will make it available to anyone when Im happy with it via the blog.

The project has given me a great sense of how to design small things. I think it's about simple construction (but it has to be exact) with limited embellishment styles. The quality of the finished job is on show - nowhere to hide mistakes. I like detail and sometimes felt in this project I was 'overdoing' a decoration. My rule is going to be no more than 2 patterns/shapes with a single theme.To illustrate - this is the final version of the doll

I like the hearts and the flower embellishments but next time I would keep to the hearts for hair, shoe and collar. The flower in the hand is Ok but it looks a bit busy with the impact pattern of the red dress. I think the same pattern fabric with the two colours works well. I'm quite pleased with the doll and have had great fun learning about how to decorate these little items. I think to be sure about these things I need much more examples and experiment with varied decorations. Perhaps, after The ORDER, I can do 10/12 dolls to compare and come up with some good common rules for 'micro' techniques.
The pencil doll (including embellishments )is quite robust and can be used as a pencil (not too heavy). Ive added a base to this one (its been great for supporting the pencil while working on it) and I think it's necessary for display - my version is not decorated yet (its going to be a mini garden) and Im going to do another doll with my newly developed skills. The next one will be better and will have a fully decorated base. Someone wants to buy it already - fab !

That's it for today.

Bye for now.