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Monday, 24 March 2014

Kumihimo ideas.

Hi Everyone
Where did my weekend go ? It's a lovely morning and I'm planning a run so will get out and soak up the sunshine. Hopefully, I will come back full of energy and inspiration ! I dream this every time !

Ive got lots of work this week. I need to work every day to free myself up for Friday and a day out. Not sure where we (my husband) will go - somewhere for lunch and a walk - depending on the weather - it's my birthday. I like to buy a book and a plant (it's a long story) every year.

Work wise, the little button bead collection did get some attention over the last few days but I'm under pressure to have it all finished and packed by Thurs. pm. Ive got all the bits ready other than silver clasps for the final batch.

The Make Art Monday theme this week is LIGHT. I've lots of ideas already. I'm going with a little collection of papers at the moment with some layering. Not got much further. I like the colours I'm using with the button beads and I'd like to go with that.

Ive also been looking into using kumihimo style creations with my clay and silver stuff. Ive created a board in Pinterest and bought the tool. I'm not sure if I like the straightforward look of the braiding but I like the idea and would like to weave some of my little clay beads as an experiment. I'd like to create some beads specially for the kumihimo technique. Here is my favourite from my new board

I think a version of my mini beads could produce something like this

I'd like to try and make some silver clasps too - instead of the loop style fastening. I will keep thinking about this one.

Thanks for reading.