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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bead Talk

Hi Everyone
My bead development is struggling - I did manage some research ideas yesterday but no actual production or experiments happened. Such as life !
The day was taken over with house jobs and making birthday stuff. Ive almost finished the birthday card and tags and have the basis of my cake. All my designs take on a huge development during their construction ! Today, I need to complete the birthday things - it's the big day tomorrow.

My bead research (mainly on Pinterest) came up with a huge range of great ideas - nothing much for the kumihimo specific bead that I was after. There are lots of very small beads which are perfect for the job but I'm after ideas for larger, statement beads. I found some fantastic paper bead examples which I was distracted with. Here is a small sample - you can see lots more on my bead Pinterest board. I will be trying them out when I can.

The bead shapes on the bottom left show the kind of shape I'm after for the kumihimo bead although I'm interested in a flat top rather than the drop/dagger shape. Perhaps, I can get something sorted today ?

I was also inspired by this lovely necklace. Ive put this idea on my 'to try' list.

The necklace here is fired glass but I think I could make something similar in clay. However, it needs to wait in the queue !

Thanks for reading.