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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Free Birds

Hi Everyone
I had a very difficult day yesterday. Ive got some kind of virus and am not well at all. I spent most of the morning sleeping but then got up to try and get going. Bad move. I had some volunteer commitments last night and somehow struggled through. I'm still suffering today. I'm planning to do a little of yesterday's jobs but Ive taken the view I need to get well - so will spend more time sleeping.

I did think of an idea for the Make Art Monday project. As mentioned yesterday the theme is FREE. My idea involved birds and was inspired by a new pair of socks, given as a recent birthday present. Not sure what will happen but I will stick with the bird as a starting point. I especially like the blossom with a grey background. The bird shape is quite 'free' as in the colour shapes. I will try and work with this element.

I scribbled these very vague birds in my sketchbook a few weeks ago for another project so may incorporate some of these shapes.

I didn't finish my little papersac display yesterday either, so this is a priority for me, today. I need to add the hooks and a method of hanging it up. This is a quick, easy job so I should get it completed.

Not sure what else I will get done. I'm working on the long bead tube necklace
and have made some practice metal links in artistic wire.

I want to make some sterling silver links for the finished item. This necklace is for me and will be a prototype for a production piece.

Ive lots of ideas about different colours and surface textures. This design will compliment and form part of the 'button' collection.

Thanks for reading.