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Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Hi Everyone
Yesterday was a bit of a lazy day. I was involved on some volunteer work and made part of a new earring display but that's about it. I will complete this later.
Here is a quick look.

The Make Art Monday theme this week is FREE. I was waiting all day and the inspiration word finally came at about 3pm. This is a great one and Im wondering what I can do. It's almost anything, always a problem for me when there are too many choices. I have a new idea every hour or so ! I'm out for a run in a moment so will just decide when I get back with the clean sheet of paper in front of me. I will go with my first thought. Ive decided my colours - orange, lime green and purple.

On another totally different matter, I saw a great necklace in Hobbs yesterday. Our school will host a shopping evening in a few weeks at the store and we finalised arrangements today. I love this necklace design and it gave me an idea to try and create something myself. I like the metal material but will also have a go in some clay elements.

I think this necklace will be the basis of a raffle - I will certainly be buying some tickets. I prefer it in silver but I love the organic shape of the necklace.

I'm also trying hard to get my papersac jewellery collections organised as well as my current paintings/ prints. There will be a push to reorganise all my photos for this job. Most of my days will be filled up with the job this week.

It sounds like my job list is done. I usually give myself a huge list of jobs and fail to complete them. I'm having three things each day in April and will try and manage my time better to complete them.

Thanks for reading.