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Friday, 25 April 2014

Making Flowers

Hi Everyone
Yet again - events took over my time yesterday. Mostly nothing to do with 'creating'. I'm resigned to a re scheduled week next week to make up for lost time. It's our family birthday today - 12th birthday of our 'little boy" - this will continue over the weekend, lovely - I will enjoy all this stuff.

On creative matters, I mentioned a possible design yesterday for a large pendent piece - here it is again in detail. I particularly like the shape and the colours. Having thought about how to make something similar from clay, I suddenly came across a YouTube Video from Hilary Bravo. Ive followed Hilariy's story for a while and was interested to see her paper mâché flowers following a similar style to the pendent. See the bottom photo below showing Hilary's flower as a broach. My thoughts have now turned to producing something I could use (with paper mâché) in a vase as a flower. I want something with very bright in pinks. See here for Hilary's video. I will have a go at a version of these projects next week. Hopefully, in pink !

I'd like to produce a combination of these ideas, smooth surface with some texture detail. Whatever comes out - I'm inspired.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.