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Monday, 28 April 2014

Book Plans etc.

Hi Everyone
We had a lovely family time over the weekend - we packed in lots of little activities. I didn't cook many meals we seemed to eat out ! - great. Everyone had a brilliant weekend.

It's back to work today. I'm planning a new working regime in order to produce a new book. The book will be a range of little projects - one for each month of the year. The working title will be FROM SCTRATCH @ thepapersac (12 projects to make yourself). This will probably change but I will use it - short term. I'm focusing on this job full time and have completed all current commissions so am clear to work on the book. Ive got my outline structure and will keep working for a completion date of Sep 2014. It sounds way off but it's actually a very short time. I'm not panicking yet !

Other news - I haven't made the kumihimo beads (much talked about last week) but they will be in the book - so will get done. I will share when Ive got something. I will share bits of the book as it's produced and I'm hoping it will be hugely inspiring for me. I will be working with a wide variety of crafting skills/ materials which is very exciting.

This weeks Make Art Monday word is FLEXIBILITY. The first thing which comes to mind is 'yoga'. Co incidentally, Ive just started to get involved in more formal yoga. Ive practiced Pilates for many years but I like the harmonising elements which yoga can bring. So, the link with the MAM word is my vision of yoga. I will try out a few sketches of someone practicing yoga. My piece may end up being a little more symbolic and less like a person - who knows ? I will share what I produce.

In my spare moment ? not sure where these 'moments' are ? I will aim to finish and wear some earrings I started ages ago. They use sterling silver and copper. I remember being so pleased with my soldering at the time. It brings a smile to my face when I see them.

These were one of the first designs I made in metal. I keep looking at them on my workbench and move them around a bit. There's not much finishing required so I will finish them this week. I want to wear them next Sat. - I know I can do it !!!!

Thanks for reading.