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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kumihimo Beads

Hi Everyone
As usual my first day back after the holiday was very slow and without routine ! I'm not comfortable with this ..... I'm hoping today will work better. I did manage to get some 'lists' going and I need to continue with more of that today.
We also have a birthday on Friday ..... so lots of pressure and excitement there. I need to make cards, tags and a cake. Ive got my plans in place so today will start the production. The theme this year is to be 'trains' - our house and life has been taken over by trains. These trains are the adult style stuff - very expensive and takes up loads of space. I will share my created birthday efforts as they happen. I need to get going ....... time is running out !

Ive also decided to have a go at a new bead design for the kumihimo idea (see yesterday for background) Ive made a very rough sketch but it gives the idea.

I need to make a few different sizes to accommodate the threading technique. I want to produce a flat bead to sit above the braided element but I also want the bead to sit neatly within the construction of the braid. I like the idea of a striped/carved effect on the bead or some of the textures in my button bead range. My first trials today will be in blue and look similar to these samples

Ive also been trying to produce a deep carved bead for some time and try out techniques with left over clay almost every time I make a bead batch. I will make another attempt with this today - often the size and shape proportions are difficult to get right. I should probably carve the bead after firing but I usually make a mistake and and not happy with the result. I think I need some better quality carving tools ! Ive got my eye on a set of Dockyard Micro Carving tools - quite expensive but only a click away (via ! ...... maybe ?

Thanks for reading.