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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New bead design for Kumihimo

Hi Everyone
Not sure what happened yesterday to the blog sequence ? The date seems to have registered way back. I will find it and try and sort it - the blog links are OK in various social media posts but not sure what's happened ? However, let's move on.

At last, Ive produced some clay beads for my kumihimo experiments. Ive tried a few different designs and will check them out today.

The number label will allow me to identify which design of bead works best and I will make notes on each to decide which to use - if any. I have 5 different designs - only minor differences, mainly to do with the dimensions of the shank. I will share my findings. I will need lots of beads and want to make sure they work before making them.

Ive textured the surface and will colour the bead with acrylic paint. My idea is to use the highlighting texturing of each bead to link with a specific braiding.

The idea of the bead design is to sit 'attractively' in the finished item of jewellery. I will only know if the design works when Ive used it - so the jury is out.

The last photo shows a very simple design and Ive got a feeling this is probably the best design. I'm not sure why I want it to be more complicated ? These versions place the hole close to the edge with a larger bead face.

Thanks for reading.