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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Prep. Round Up 1

Hi Everyone
I wanted to round up the Christmas Prep ideas before the official end of working time and start of the holidays. I have decided to round up my little projects in two parts, mainly as there are lots of photos to share.

It's been a very 'real' Christmas Prep. exercise for me and focussed my mind on the job. I usually have a prepared range of Christmas project samples which I then develop (for myself) but this year I was actually prepping as I was blogging each day. Every day the item I created my item and used it.
I chose to create each item based on my needs at that stage in my own preparations. Some ideas didn't happen as I planned and I compromised, usually due to voluntary work. Life and everything else was a bit frantic at times. I do know that where I made an item, each item was a possible 'quick make'- as I did it that way.

Here are the first six projects in pictures with a comment on how the project turned out.

The list board stayed as it was and I've used the lists every day.

The card tree is filling up. Will get another photo in a few days.

I've made 12 cards using the new designs and sent them ( without a photo being taken) - I need more so will keep going and get photos (before sending).

Tags have changed a little - I changed the white back for gold corrugated card. Will share the photos in a few days when the tags are used to wrap.

Baubles are ready to go on the tree with hanging thread. No baubles on the tree yet - only lights. I like the minimum simplicity but it won't last !

All labels are attached and ready for use. One of my jars was too small, so I needed to adapt. Again will get photos of adapted version.

Thanks for reading.