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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Day 11 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
Christmas preparations are near completion or are they ? - in my dreams !!!!
I've definitely been on the edge this year ! I think, I may have almost shopped - maybe one or two items could find their way into my stash but I could probably finish where I am. There are many bags of presents to wrap and cards to send and things to decorate but I'm determined to embrace the job this year. I need a couple of days to enjoy the process rather be stressed out by it !!! I've got until Friday before the kids are off school for the Christmas break. I need most things complete by Friday. Fingers crossed.

Moving on ....... my prep for today is a Christmas Voucher. I do tend to use this idea for a few celebration events both for work and family. As such, I have a basic template on my PC for adapting to whichever event I need. The template started life as a very basic Microsoft Publisher template, however, it's been changed and added to many times, unrecognisable as a template. I would say a template is not necessary. Just a series of boxes. I change the colours and images each time but essentially it's a very quick and easy way of giving a personal gift at Christmas.
Here is a look at the voucher. I try and make the voucher look a bit like a cheque. The image is changed to suit events and I do add a date.

I need 4 vouchers and have printed my vouchers on two pieces of A4. I will trim each voucher and make an envelope using gift wrap paper and make a label for each. I may add a few embellishments to the envelopes - not sure at this stage. I will share the end product in my final round up (in a few days). I like to add the envelopes to the tree so may add a little hanging hook.

Thanks for reading.