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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day 6 of Christmas Prep. @thepapersac

Hi Everyone
We are half way through prep. for Christmas ! - not sure I feel organised in any way. However, I've been running through each day and I should be there with the basics.
Today, I've got some labels for gift jars. Some of my jars will be donation gifts (charity fund raising events) and filled with sweet mincemeat. I made the mincemeat a week ago and Im dressing up the jars. The basic label could be used for lots of decorating ideas, not necessarily jars. I plan to be using similar labels to stick on plain boxes full of small chocolate bars and stocking fillers. Adding labels in this way, will immediately enhance a plain box or recycled container.
I will print out all my labels today and cut out ready for sticking. I will decide on the range of labels I need when I check the Christmas Lists (from Day 1).Here are some of the Sweet Mince version ready for use.

Here are a few of the jars with labels. The jars will get a little more treatment but the recylced jam jars are looking more like gifts. I'm going to add some bows and possibly a cotton top for the collection. I will share how things turn out in the round up.

Thanks for reading.