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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day 7 of Christmas Prep.@ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
Day 7 and I'm struggling to keep my Christmas prep going, not the blog ideas - the 'real thing' !!! I'm hanging in the balance today !!!

My offer today is to take a bought Christmas card and personalise it. I'm using my Dad as a focus for my example. The card I've gone for is quite a traditional scene in a 3d design. I do like it as it is but I want to make it a little special by adding 'Dad' somewhere. It's such an easy thing to do but I like the personalising thing. At one time, I would always make all my cards but time is so limited for me it's too much pressure. This is as close as I get at Christmas, these days. Here are my plans in photo form :

I will add some die cut letters in a co ordinating colour and embellish the envelope. I'm planning to personalise about 10-12 cards in a similar way. I will share the final card just before sending.

Other news - Yesterday, I spent an afternoon working with some 10 year olds producing polymer clay jewellery for presents. The class was quite large (30+) and I did wonder how they would cope ? We only had a couple of hours !
They were great and produced some brilliant stuff. We used Christmas colours, mainly Gold - the whole collection looked very Christmas 'bling-like'. Here is a selection of their work.

These beads are about to be cured. I will share the final products, all polished and packaged before the end of the week.

Thanks for reading