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Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 9 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
I'm still trying to catch up with Christmas - almost there ! Today, I need some Gift Pockets. I tend to fall back on this little gift wrap design all year round but at Christmas I tend to dress up the pockets a little more. Here is a basic photo look at the techniques (showing how easy it is to make these pockets). The top half of the photo shows a flat seal technique and the bottom half shows how you can fold the ends in opposite directions to form a little triangle shaped pocket. For both pocket examples I've used A5 size paper. It's possible to make larger and smaller to fit your gift. If the gift requires a flat pocket I will go with it but mostly I like the triangle shape. The paper needs to be quite thick if you make a larger pocket. Often, my best pockets are made from everyday printer paper (with a design print). I also like to wrap my gift in tissue paper before placing in the pocket - this adds a little bit of luxury.

For my Christmas prep. today, I'm using some bought gold gift wrap paper. It's pretty thick, sturdy wrap but it makes great pockets. I will share the actual pockets in my round up (in a few days). I need to make about 12 pockets. Best get going.

Bye for today.
Thanks for reading.