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Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Prep. Round Up 2

Hi Everyone
It's my second round up of the Christmas a Prep series today. As per yesterday, it's been a balance between getting something finished quickly and making sure the quality is good. The second half of the prep jobs were mainly to do with Christmas decorating jobs.
Here they are with a little update on how the projects turned out.

This large bauble was a bit of an indulgence - Ive wanted to try this a few times and Christmas presented itself as an opportunity. I've added a bow and some clay holly leaves. Will get more photos on the tree.

The gift pockets have developed in both a triangle shape and the flat 'envelope style' - depending on the needs of any particular gift. I will post a new photo when the pockets are completely wrapped and ready for sending. I've done some of the flat pockets and sent them.

The star garlands are hanging and awaiting the final location. I've mixed and matched gold,white and corrugated card.

The snowman is probably my best, new project this year. He is ready and waiting for his final spot on the iced Christmas cake.

The vouchers have been printed but are still waiting for their envelopes. I have 6 vouchers and will write up as I wrap the gifts - some vouchers will be a temporary thing ( I know one item will not arrive) and will be a formal thing to open rather than just the gift 'in waiting'.

I have personalised a few more cards for family members but am keeping them under wraps for obvious reasons (some of my family read my blog !!) I will get a few photos after Christmas.

I've still lots of little things to do but I feel slightly 'under control'. Later today will see our house finally 'fully' decorated and all the Christmas shopping done. Most of the gifts will be wrapped and cards sent. It's been, as usual, a frantic couple of weeks but I would say - I think, Im more organised than I've been for many years ! Let's hope I'm not deluding myself !!!

This will be my final regular post although I will post the occasional photo story over the Christmas break and share my Christmas Prep projects 'in action'. Hope you all have a great Christmas.

Thanks for reading.