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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day 8 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
I'm racing to keep up again !! One day, life will be relaxed and 'event less' or will it ? However, moving on ..... Day 8 of my prep. is a Christmas Bauble for the Christmas Tree (yet to be ie the tree).
Every year we make (or buy) a bauble and I usually force the kids to make (or shop) something. This year it's my effort (alone) and the kids have agreed to allow me to make the bauble of 2014. It was an easy decision on their part.

Ive had my plan for some time and wanted to cover a card blank with polymer, in the style of a carpet boule. I've seen many of these boules in large Scottish Country houses and often admired them. They are usually very glossy and tartan. I haven't gone for Tartan, more of an abstract stripe/colour thing.

Here is how I made the bauble. I bought a paper blank with a string already attached. I made a few very small polymer canes with left over clay, purple, orange and a shade of gold. I ran the canes through my pasta machine and made very thin layers. I covered the bauble with a thin layer of liquid polymer and placed the thin slices all over the bauble, covering the blank. I needed to do lots of hand rolling to get an integrated surface but the final effect is pretty. I like the glossy surface idea and have decided to make the bauble glossy. Im in the process of allowing the varnish to dry. After much deliberation, I've decided on the purple velvet bow for the top. I think I need more baubles but only have one more blank so will make another with a red bow.

I will post the shiny finished version with my bow in the round up and the second bauble when it's finished. I came across an interesting find this week while browsing on Pinterest - a simple way to tie really good bows. Here is a link bow tie technique. It's worth giving the technique a go for small bows.

Thanks for reading.