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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 2 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi Everyone
It's Day 2 of Christmas Prep. and my prep of the day is a CARD TREE. Today, I am working on my first card (to send) alongside the List Board ( not quite there from Day 1). We have, in fact, received our first family card which is on the card tree. The Card Tree looks a bit bare at the moment but when it's full of cards I like the look and more important - all the cards are fixed and do not end up flying all over when doors are opened ! I think, I will add a bit of temporary bling until cards come in.

The Card Tree is simply made from old floorboards screwed together and roughly painted with white. I have the cross branches at an angle, I like the look of this slight 'lean'?
I like to lean the tree against a wall but it could be planted in a pot or placed in a stand. I used this tree as a jewellery display last week (when some Christmas jewellery went on tour) hence the added nails with little red bows. I'm not sure if these nails/hooks will stay but I think they could add to the overall look when I can hang cards on them.
This tree is quite large but the idea could be adapted to a smaller tree in the same way. It certainly adds an immediate Christmas feel to the room, with or without cards. As I've mentioned we have had our first card, it arrived on 1/12/14 !! I'm never that prepared.

Thanks for reading.