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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Celebrations - all round !

Hi Everyone
weather today looks 'scary' - the reports suggests huge downpour later - dry at the moment but dark and looks like rain !! Bit cold too.
Today, its my 'baby's' birthday - he is actually ten (he is prepared to indulge me in calling him a 'baby' - at the moment) Its a school day too, so difficult to get going this morning. Lots of presents - gadgets,books and sweets mainly. His main gift was an IPOD Touch - amazing - I want one.
We also have a party in a few weeks so the birthday will go on and on ............
Will show a picture of his cake tomorrow. This evening we will go for a MacDonalds - not my favourite but its not my birthday so .........

In the meantime, I still need to get some order in our house - still not easy to live in - because of mess (cumulative over several busy weeks).

I'm also trying to concentrate on some more painting at the moment. Mary will get some attention and the little 'handbag' paintings - they are very popular and I need to get some more in the shops.
Not sure exactly what to put on them but vintage style things/people/animals are in my thoughts at the moment. I did a rabbit a while ago. Here, he is - its not finished in the photo but its gone to a new home so I can't show the finished version (PS I did finish it first). I like this image, so will definitely do another.

I've done my usual trawl of the blogs this morning and not much new going on. Everywhere I look, I see Jubilee merchanidise - not sure what I like about it ? - mostly, I don't but now and again there are a few vintage looking flags,colours that appeal. I may do a version of something. I have seen some fabrics which has stuck in my mind.  All these shown here are from a  shop : Rainbow Silks . I often shop here they have loads of interesting products which can be experimental projects. I've never been to the shop, I use the online
facility but I would like to visit to check out their whole range. I would need plenty of cash. They also have this information on their site. Perhaps it could inspire a project :

Download a free booklet from Makower's website, with projects for making Jubilee and Olympic celebration items. See : 

I've not downloaded but I will. Will discuss at a later date.

Must get going

(I am aware of this blank box at the bottom of the posting - can't get rid of it so please ignore)