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Friday, 20 April 2012

Online gallery for thepapersac- is it a great idea ?

Hi Everyone
weather report today is changing every minute ! looked good earlier but I think its raining now - lets call it 'changable' ! Huge downpour as I write.
I've been taken up again this morning with thevillage - its taken over my world - lots better each mini session - I'm restricting myself to short sessions because theres so much more to do. My house is seriously dirty and I need to prepare for a weekend away with friends - I have'nt finished unpacking/washing fom our last break (last week) so I do need to get organised. I find this aspect of life so depressing. I need a housekeeper - only problem is - its my job as well as my true work ie artist ! Such as life.

Anyway, talking about artists, I also have seen something inspiring in Red magazine - an article about an online gallery thepeppergallery .This has long been a dream of mine to have either a temporary gallery or even better an online facility that allows specific,well presented exhibitions of work for new or developing artists. My idea is that anyone could exhibit their work and have it presented in a professional way. The practical implications for exhibiting work for 'developmental' or new artists is so scary/un-do-able (to them) or expensive or both that it simply does not happen. I would love to see 'potential' stuff out there and artists growing. My art is very whimsical and fun stuff - not expensive to make but almost a 'therapy' in itself and from feedback (I'm told) that the viewer picks this 'therapy' thing up from 'reading ' my work - which in turn promotes discussion etc. I love this idea.Its not heavy stuff ie the art or the discussion but its accessible and reflects a certain kind of lifestyle (which I like) and can inspire more art (in the widest sense). I think I should hang on to this idea along with the gallery thing and do something about it. The article which started me thinking today tells me - if youre determined, put the hard work in and are not afraid of failure, it could be achieved. I do believe this too. The artist/owner of The Pepper Gallery is Beatrice Ridley. Thanks for the inspiration.

Must go and do what I need to do.

Bye for now