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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Is this yours or mine ?

Hi Everyone
weather 'perked up' considerably - windy but sunshine is back. Not sure about the temperature ?
Done a few more necklaces - need to finish off but I now have three - enough I think ! Will concentrate on bracelets now. Pictures not yet taken.
I did spend some time on the village and have reworked a small picture - the trio not yet there - can't seem to hit the right look - I think I will try some more houses on a different scale.
I also finished a little picture for Richard - it was our wedding anniversary yesterday and I thought a picture would be a good little gift - he's away so will present my gift on Thursday - will get some pictures here - later.
On another matter - I've been a fan of Kelly Rae Roberts for some time and follow her work almost daily - she is an inspiration and has influenced my work.I have also bought her book and tried out some of the techniques she uses. Here is a snippet of her style (in the picture) - I love her work.

However, something has been bothering me for some time and I feel I need to air this problem (ie my problem).  I read a note in her blog (a while ago) which bothered me at the time and has continued to make me think about my work - often. On one hand, I do agree with much of it but there is a strange (negative) touch too  - the point is all about 'copying' and making art which is too much like Kelly's. This is the blog piece read the detail here and here is the snippet that sticks in my mind.

Kelly Rae Roberts print - no copying !
'its OK to copy my work as you try and find your style, totally okay and expected. but it's not okay to sell your version (copy) of my work if they look exactly or very similar to my paintings (colors, hair, positioning, background). if you aren't sure if yours is different enough from my style,  (what exactly does this mean ?) then it probably isn't. listen to you whispers on this one before you sell'

The blog article is a very long piece and needs reading in full. However, a short time after reading the blog, I was looking on her site and I saw a butterfly painting - almost exactly the same as the one on my wall (been there for about a year) and I can't help thinking I would have a similar case if I applied the same argument in the statement above. I had also created another large piece for my own wall (would never sell it) which does suggest a KRR style - its significantly different in detail (to me) but does make me 'think' when I listen to my 'whisper'.
When I come across her work, its always tinged with this little 'negative'. After all, even though the work is lovely, its not exactly revolutionary - many other artists out there are using this 'scrapbook' background style and making 'folkart' style dolls without arms and with messages. I'm not convinced there is enough of an argument for anything other than absolute copying. This idea that I'm to listen to my 'whisper' - this is (I feel) playing on my own vulnerability (as a developing artist) also trying to 'pay' my way.
I'm so glad to get this off my chest - somehow its cathartic. Would like to know what other people think about this issue.

On that note must go and create my own style !
Bye for now