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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fish Eye Lens and Jewels News

Hi Everyone
weather today is dreadful - raining and so cold - where has the sunshine gone ? Spoke to a guy in Glasgow this morning and he said 'its snowing now' with a complete covering of the white stuff !!!! Now (lunchtime)  its snowing here !!!

However, am in doors and cosy right now. On more exciting news, I've seen a great little devise (Jelly Lens) discussed on Elsie's site here and have immediately ordered one. As everyones knows, I'm on a mission to turn myself into a competent photographer. Big job but I'm working on it. I've bought this lens for my phone but have also ordered a little Canon (eventually made a decision) but am waiting for it to arrive. The cheapy (Jelly) lens will be a bit of fun and as I am now much more confident about what I'm doing, can play with it. Will share some photos when the lens arrives - its coming from China, so will take a while.

On the necklace news (from yesterday), it's coming on- the unopened packets look great - (just like sweets to me) - I love the colours together. I'm hoping to make a large collection of jewellery for myself. This little stash was a birthday gift and will remind me of the day. My first necklace is almost there - just a little crocheting around the connections and it will be complete. I want to do some simple earings and a few bracelets to compliment. In the past, I've often made the mistake of making jewellery much too complicated and 'busy' - I tend to go for very simple colour combinations and construction.

beading 'sweets'

almost there with the first necklace
I do like the colours. I will use the jewellery to pick out colours from my clothes. I like the idea of going to my necklace 'hooks' and picking out the one for the day.
Must get on with things.

I would like to do a bit more with Mary today - look back for updates on her painting. I think, she will also get some jewellery from this collection (instead of the flower broach) - not sure how I will do this ? but it seems the right thing to do.

Bye for now.