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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

'Handbag' Mini Paintings !

Hi Everyone
weather is OK today - could go either way ? sunny now but clouds are forming !
Not sure whats in store today ? - I spent sometime last night trying to fix my town/village paintings - poor results and I think its time to change things in a more dramatic way - the first idea is too much of the same ie houses and colours - they are not working for me and I've wasted lots of time trying to change things in a small way. I'm specifically talking about the town images and not the village stuff. This picture is an early version but the end results were just as disappointing. Its just awful !
time to go - completely - unfixable in this form
turned out OK - a mini town gift for a friend

Today, I'm going back to the drawing board and literally drawing new houses and a new background. Sad idea for me but ...... such is life. I hate being defeated by a painting. Will report later.These village images are a bit more successful - but still need work
mini house

thepapersac village 1

 Other news :
houses ready for using

Been reading my new Suzi Blu book - its such a treat. Still looking in the post for my new camera ! - it must be here soon - so excited.

Also been thinking about my Etsy shop - I have neglected it too much. I looked in on a live Etsy lab link this morning and am much enthused - have booked into another, later today. They are great to watch blog link - take a look. As a result I will get some stuff in there asap.

 I have a few little pictures of a mini painting - I did this to celebrate our recent wedding anniversary - it was a part finished painting from a while ago but I personalised and added to it - its going to feature in a complete makeover of our studio - watch this space !
also made a card using the artwork

I've written a personal message to back of painting

extended the paintwork to sides

The painting looks a bit like a handbag with this hanging style. Love the colours and its a special link to a time when I made the original drawing. This is what art is about for me. Linking the image with the experience !

Well, must get on - am feeling less down (because of the failed town paintings) and am ready to move on.This blog has been a cathartic experience today.

Bye for now