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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Holidays and jewellery plans.

'weaving' style bracelet
Hi Everyone
weather been good today - sunny and bright but a coldish wind. We have been away again for the weekend. This time Carlisle and Dumfries. Had a great break- lots of inspiring buildings and hills. We have walked all day today and most of yesterday. Now shattered but feeling relaxed.

I took my sketching stuff (as always) but did'nt have a chance to use it. Am hoping to plan (tomorrow) my 'arty' things for the next two weeks - lots of time away and holidaying in the Lake District. Not sure what I am going to do but we always visit loads of craft/art shops and places of interest. We always visit the Derwent Pencil Museum and shop. Love it. Lots of fabulous art stuff - need to set a budget before I go ! Am really looking forward to the holiday.
But, before we go - much clearing out and cleaning to do !!! Not looking forward to that but it will be good when finished. My studio is in a real mess and needs completely reorganising.

Also bought lots of small beads for a necklace project - four big bags, some threading cord as well as a few strands of semi precious beads at the moment.
multi strand necklace
I'm hoping to turn them into something 'like' this (from FatFace). I like the weaving style of the bracelet and the multi strand style of the necklace. We wil see how it goes !!!

I think I need to get into Folksy to checkout any options there too.

Bye for now.