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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fish Eye lens and more fabric development

Hi Everyone
today is a much brighter and dry day - mnot sure about the temperature but it feels warmer from here (inside my studio !!)
Huge excitement this morning when my new mini fish eye lens arrived for my camera phone. I've taken a few photos to see how good it is and I'm quite surprised at the quality of the final picture. Its a certain kind of image but in some circumstances - it will work for me.
the lens

mary - 'in one'

last 'fiddle' with the village
This is the lens - it just sticks onto the front of the phone. Very easy to use.
I took this picture of Mary just to see if I could get the whole painting in at once - I took it very close and although you can see the 'curve' its great. The painting is quite a tall piece and caused me lots of problems to get it in - prior to using the new gadget. Taking a snap a little further away will reduce the curved feel. Lastly, here is a picture of the village - with brown words rather than blue. This is truly my last time spent on this little painting !!

My regular trawl around the blogs has inspired yet another experiment. This time its with dye sticks. I called in on Elsie (Larson) ,one of my favourite haunts. She has two little projects going - a fabric flowerproject (looks good) and the dye stick idea project. Take a look. I've already sourced some dye sticks from Amazon. Very reasonable (under £5). Will order them. I have an idea for developing a little fabric thing for the village collection - is this a good idea ? Will let you know.

Bye for today.