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Monday, 23 April 2012

Regroup and move on .........

Hi Everyone
weather report = cold and (potential) rain any minute - the temperature is from one extreme to another !
Its back from our weekend away (trip to York with friends). We did lots of museum stuff and had a lovely time chatting and now, I'm overwhelmed with house chaos. We are in such a mess. I did intend to clear up and clean things but ................... I've done some painting instead. I did need to get some food - no way of avoiding that one. Done that. I feel quite relaxed at the moment but when everyone comes home I will start to feel bad about enjoying most of my day too much. The boys are all out school/working - such as life. I'm the one usually denying myself fun and today was my turn. Sounds good anyway ! I'm convinced.
I've done some more of the village stuff - still not that happy with it and am finally going to leave it for a while. I think on reflection my problem is the houses are a bit too simple and have very 'unstraight' lines (could be wobbly) - I like to distress stuff  too and this didnt quite work - its not been a huge success. I have learned things so thats OK.I will take the positives. My next project will focus on Mary Haversham - you will remember that I started this some time ago and it came to a halt. Now its time to pick it up again. Here is a scan view of the rather poor papersac village. One day I will return to it but for now - I've lost the plot !
thepapersac village - not a good image of my idea !

You can see I've added a few dolls and flowers and have painted more. But its destined for the scrap heap. Should have changed the houses weeks ago.

Best get going. Bye for now.