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Thursday, 19 April 2012

'the village' lives on ! - could it be a story ?

Hi Everyone
weather report is poor today - either rainy or about to rain. Very wet later on .......................

Against my best intentions, I did'nt give up on the village trio - not sure if its getting better or not ? I've changed the landscape and added some pretty girls flying flags - am aiming to get some bunting going too.

I've not taken any photos but have the girl drawing here to share. I have drawn and coloured her face and have scanned/duplicated various sizes. I want to have the same girl but with different hair colours/dresses etc. We will see how it goes.

village girl - initial drawing
Not achieved much else today - the village stuff has consumed my thoughts and every spare moment of my day !

Something worth sharing is an online Etsy presentation -  I watched yesterday. It was all about 'story telling' both from a business brand perspective and a product story. The guy presenting was great - very inspiring and amusing to listen to/watch. I have some great ideas for developing this aspect of thepapersac. I was relieved/pleased to realise, I do already use some of the key pointers he talked about - but it really inspired me to work more on it. link to story telling guy . Go take a look - its a great watch. He's called Michael Margolis.

On another matter - I bought a lovely little treat for myself a few days ago - am so looking forward to the post bringing this gift.Its earrings. They are from an Etsy seller called 'spacefruit' seller . She has lots of great stuff. I have loads of earrings but tend to wear very simple designs most of the time. So, hope to wear these often.

Well, thats about it for today. May do a little more with my village. I know its going to take me years to get it right. Probably will end up doing several new starts. However, I've decided not to give up on it. I did not feel it was right to give up and now I know not to even bother thinking about this with future projects. I will follow my instinct, always.

Bye for now.