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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Update chat

Hi Everyone
Ive had loads more problems with linking my blog with facebook ? and wasted lots of time on this without any understanding of what's happening. However, I think things are struggling on and Ive managed to post yesterday's edition ! Fingers crossed things will sort themselves out. Ive fiddled with so many things that I'm not sure what Ive done !

Back to more creative stuff. I tried out the kumihimo bead designs. Guess what ? - as predicted - the simple design beads look better.

Here we are looking at a bracelet length of kumihimo. The five beads have all worked within the braiding technique. They were very easy to thread and weave so they all worked to a point.

I think the larger beads do not work as well because the shank part is too high.

For me, the two beads on the right (photo above) work best because they have a shaped (almost pointed) base rather than an added shank. This is the way to go. I now want to have a go with a much bigger bead 'head'. I will try and incorporate the pointed, short base to sit deep onto the braid. I will also try for a range of 'bead heads' with different shapes. I think a flatter bead may work better. This is today's task.

I also came across this image on Pinterest yesterday which prompted a new idea for a project.

Im inspired to try something similar for a fabric design using elements of Genervieve (the painting from way back).

I want to make a dress or skirt with the final printed fabric. Will share my results when I have something. I use Spoonflower for commercial fabric printing, however, I'm looking at other methods I can create for myself. I love the idea of fabric printing and am very excited about this project.

Ive also finished my Make Art Monday effort for this week. The word this week is ENERGY. This was done very quickly (that's the point but I usually take ages)

Ive got a physical album with all my pieces in it.

I want to create another album on my blog site too. I'm not sure why it's taking me so long ? Today, could be the day !

Thanks for reading.