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Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year

Hi and Happy New year to Everyone

Hope you all had a great Christmas. We had a lovely time - it's flown by but all the prep. worked well and now it's time to pack up for next year ! Here are a few images (didn't manage any blogging over the holidays) of odd moments I remember from Christmas Day.
The collage highlights : presents awaiting and wrapping discarded. My wrapping worked particularly well - I used my own tags and added a simple paper ribbon and some little bells. The bells jingled all day and gave a lovely touch to each gift. I've collected some of the bells and will recycle. The snowman worked well on the cake (although his arms came off - didn't seem to matter, I have them and will wire them in for next time) cake now gone !

Christmas is well and truly gone in my mind - just need to pack up all the decorations and reorganise the house today. I don't have that need to get rid of the evidence but I'd like a less cluttered space.

Other matters - one thing that I love to do all year is to have a 'book going'. I love to read novels and my reading books are a little treat most evenings. I usually read for about half an hour (if I can stay awake) each evening before sleeping. I look forward and hope to get some books for Christmas. This year, I was not disappointed. I thought, I would share my current book with the blog. I've tried this before on the blog and I'm not sure why it didn't quite work ? I'm going to talk about my current book each Monday - just to share my current reading books but also to allow me to comment about how each book is going. Hope you will enjoy this little initiative and perhaps join in. My current reading book is this one

I'm almost finished but it's been brilliant. I've had the book on the shelf for a long time and have only started reading it just before Christmas. It's had me gripped and I'm keen to see the film. This story is complicated with lots of Scandinavian names which tend to slightly confuse at the beginning. It's also a brutal tale - not sure how the film will deal with the sadistic elements ? I won't spoil the story but I do recommend the book - I've really enjoyed the story. I can't wait to see how the book ends. I want to think about how I will construct my Monday reviews - I think, I need to think more carefully and be clear about what Im trying to say with the idea.

It's also time for New Years resolutions ! We, as a family, write up 10 sort of resolutions in the form of objectives/things to be done each year and review them at the beginning of the next year. We have failed to complete the exercise (oh dear ! - not a good start) but it's timetabled for this week. Top of my list is to organise my life and living space. This is a constant theme in my life but I feel I need to focus on this more as there are so many new things I want to do. Without further a do - I need to make a list for today.

Thanks for reading.