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Friday, 18 July 2014

Life as a Mum (at the moment) !

Hi Everyone
It's Friday again, but more than that - it's the last Friday before the long Summer break. Wow ! Where did the year go ? My life revolves around the school calendar because of my kids but I'm firmly embedded in community fundraising activities which also seem to follow this timetable.
Life for the next few weeks is planned (sort of ) but there's going to be a relaxed approach to 'clock watching'. Clocks and deadlines stress me out at times. The weather looks as if it's going to be kind with the odd storm brewing - generally the immediate future is inviting.

Bad news. Yet again, for a second day, my work output has been poor. I've not been lazy (at all) but house and family things have taken over, which I think is good thing! I'm a little frustrated about some clay work I wanted to get started and of course, my printing ! I wanted to work on my second print but I'm hoping that today will provide a bit more time. However, (here are the obstacles creeping into my perfect day ) I have some plants which need to go into the garden but other than that and a bit of food shopping - I can apply myself to my ART ! I wonder how many mins. that will give me ? Ive also just remembered, I need to be a taxi to debate club and then cricket practice !!! Even now, I'm still feeling good - after today that sort of thing will stop ! Others things will take over but ...... I will deal with that another day !

News from yesterday - our birthday party was a great success. Lovely get together with friends, a delicious meal and the birthday cake turned out great.

My big boy had a brilliant day and we all reminisced about when he was a baby etc. and how much he'd grown, fortunately ! (along with his family friend of the same age - sat next to him throughout). The teenagers went along with it all and smiled - they are definitely maturing.

The only job I managed to do from my work list was to make the little houses for my next print. Here they are :

The texture plates made a reasonable job and when paint is applied they will highlight the surface pattern. I will use these later with the second print. I have high hopes for this one.

Have a great Summer break - I will dip in and out of the blog with photos and share some holiday experiences.

Thanks for reading.