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Thursday, 3 May 2012

New Ideas with new techniques.

Hi Everyone
Weather looks fair today - could go either way ! Bit cloudy but it feels 'lighter' .
I'm still 'at sea' with my blogging approach. This is a 'several days in' trying again at integrating my iPad and pc tools. I'm getting there and its fun ! Is'nt that what lifes about ?

Ona practical front, I have found and primed my bit of wood (from yesterday's blog). Did'nt move on from there, as yet.
I also found a great picture to add to my collection of inspiration 'prompts'. I mentioned this idea yesterday ie : using the inspiration prompts as a starting point for the new Miss Mitchell painting (aka the primed bit of wood).

inspiration picture - part of the 'pb'
I'm also looking to find an app to collage these 'inspiration' prompts, I think I will refer to them as 'prompt boards' or pb's . Will share when I'm there. What I really need is lots of little images literally around me/within my sight. Each inspiration image will have an element of it that I want to interpret (in my own way) and place in my mixed media painting. Using the little house shapes below,as an example, I like the overall colour combination and the pen like element on the border.

love these little pictures - a bit like my sugar and spice collection combined with the papersac village stuff - more ideas with this !

love these stitched animals - especially on the bags

I came across these lovely images this morning. Just love the pictures which could be houses. The colours work well and I like the embellishment stuff. Also what about the bags ? I've seen the ruffle bag idea a few times but this version is lovely.
wow ! what can I say - just wonderful.
 Like the animal free stitching - another thing I'm drawn too and inspired to experiment with.

After yesterdays blog, I was looking for the 'paper cloth' references in this blog and can only find a simple reference which does'nt explain the development at all. Will be using this paper cloth in a few ideas for future work,so will explain a little more about the development and what it is. I came across the idea from a book 'stitch alchmy'. Its a fabulous book with loads of ideas. The final outcome ie paper cloth is a mixture of papers(mainly tissue weight) and some kind of cloth(I used untreated cotton) - fused together with glue. Lots of other stuff can be embedded into the paper cloth and it can be painted, sewn etc. The sample I showed yesterday was basic paper cloth which had been both painted and sewn. Its really interesting to make the material - it will be unique each time and to some extent an unknown outcome. Take a look at the book. Will share my experiments as I go.

Thats about it for now.
PS the house did not get cleaned yesterday. looks like I'm too busy today !

Bye for now.