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Monday, 11 April 2016

New Project

Hi Everyone
It's back from holidays and back to work today. We (our little family) had a great Easter break and as usual, I'm going to struggle to get back into the swing of things today !!! However, I've got a long list of jobs along with a new project to keep me motivated. I'm going to develop ideas for a new jewellery Collection today. This new work will be in Sterling Silver with some polymer clay inlays. I've planned a vague design on paper and will experiment along the way. I'm building on the success of my last Faux Turquiose Collection (awaiting a photo shoot) in terms of process, although the new Collection will be much smaller. I'm currently planning on a pendant, bracelet, ring and earrings (3) but this may change
My sketches show a rough idea of the sort of thing I'm thinking about.


I'm thinking about rectangle or square shapes along with embedded polymer shapes. I'm not sure about sizes or final colours but I will spend time exploring options today.

My last Collection took about a month and I'm hoping I can speed up my production time on this project. I want to enjoy the process too, so I won't be rushing myself. However, I do feel my systems could be improved.

Thanks for reading.