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Friday, 29 April 2016

Simply Metal : Organic Circles

Hi Everyone
I will make my deadline by the end of the day (the final pieces are still in the tumbler). The planned 'makes' of the Organic Circles Collection is complete. My final piece, the Silver bangle (with the Copper clasp) happened yesterday !


I've been wearing the Copper version and I've become quite attached to it. It's easy to wear and compliments quite a few of my outfits. I may need to make another.
The Silver bangle construction (yesterday) went well and has ended up being slightly flat at the sides (for no reason) but I needed to make another new Copper component because the original wasn't big enough to form the clasp. I'm now left with an extra component ! I'm already wondering what I can do with it ? I'm thinking - necklace ? I can play with a few ideas while the tumbler does its job.
Hopefully, I can get some professional photos done this weekend. I also need to try out my ideas for packaging. I've got a new label - 


This is the artwork used for the cover of my Making project book. I'm going to use simple Kraft boxes, lined with dry felt in lots of different colours. The labels will be either square or round sticky labels for the top of each box. I'm also going to get some little cards which will be a sort of business cards/ Thank You notes. I've left little spaces on the labels to give me the option of adding extra embellishments or personal messages. My aim is to allow each jewellery package to have a handcrafted, unique feel.

Thanks for calling in.
Have a great weekend.