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Friday, 22 April 2016

Simply Metal Update

Hi Everyone
It's the end of the week already ! - I need a few more days to get the Simply Metal stuff done. However, there are a few bits of news - I've completed a few more items and been inspired to make a few more ! 


The silver for my bangle has not arrived but I've developed the copper version to check sizes etc. It's worked out just nicely and I will use the same technique,design and measurements in silver next week.
I've polished the posts and dangle earrings (from yesterday) in the tumbler. They need a bit more work but I like the results.


I had thought I would come up with some new packaging/display for the Collection but other than a version of my regular little cards, I've not come up with anything. I need to keep thinking with this one.
One thing I did try yesterday while making a few more organic copper circles was to use  copper solder. I've never seen this kind of solder before so was wondering how it would work. It's very difficult to cut and I ended up sawing it, my snippers would not cut it. However, it soldered beautifully. I've yet to finish it but after pickling it's looking great. With silver solder, having a solder line in the copper is unavoidable (I like this line) and it's good to have the option.


Thanks for reading.
Have a great weekend.