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Friday, 15 April 2016

Simply Metal

Hi Everyone
I'm well into developments for my new metal collection, I'm calling the work - Simply Metal. As usual, finished products are rather slow to emerge. I could spend most of my life polishing !
I'm happy how the organic round shapes look, although I do want to try out flatterning the component. I'm not sure how I can improve on the solder decoration. My experiments have been slightly disappointing. Solder is unpredictable in terms of how it flows and after the experiments, I'm getting the look I want by sanding and polishing the solder and defining where it stays. The result is a 'stain like' effect which is enhanced when I use sterling silver in the same piece. I've made some small post earring which have extra solder applied around the posts. The solder has covered the top of the organic round and is exactly what I wanted - more luck than management. The need to balance attaching the sterling silver post and add additional decorative solder is a tricky one !! 
Here is a quick look at the results so far :


The post earnings need to be polished and from the angle shown, it's difficult to see how the solder is providing a decorative effect. Hopefully, I can finish the piece and share the results. I want to add more solder to the drop version giving a subtle striped pattern, fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I've  polished the remaining copper components (bottom right) ready for using with my other pieces. I'm hoping to finish my earrings today and perhaps a silver ring shank - ready for receiving an organic round component.

Thanks for calling in.
Have a great weekend.