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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Simply Metal

Hi Everyone
There not much progress to share today re the Simply Metal project. I'm still waiting for my Silver to arrive and therefore my planned earring work is still waiting !!! - such as life . I did, however, produce a few more copper components. My components are more of the organic circles but moving towards another shape altogether. I've also flattered the components, slightly and I like the results. I thought, I would share the stages of development of my latest components, so here is stage 1 :


The next stage in developing these components is to clean up the solder points and polish the copper to a high shine but I want to add a silver post to one pair of components and will do this before cleaning up. The other  set will get a second, similar Sterling Silver shaped component and I want to make a soldered ear hook to finish the earring.
That's my plan ! I will share any developments tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.