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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Something New

Hi Everyone
The workshop (yesterday) worked well. All our Makers have started their baskets and all are doing well with the crochet skills. I remember when I was first introduced to crochet techniques and thinking I would never get it ! Often the first attempts will look a bit messy and the best thing to do is - start again. We are all ready to move on and relax into the skill. I failed to get any photos but will get everyone to send me a quick snap. Call in next time for an update on our progress.
In the meantime, I've started a new little project in the Simply Metal series. The first set I'm calling Simply Metal : Organic Circles and the new series I'm calling Simply Metal : Silver Strands. Here is a prototype idea :


I'm planning to attach a silver chain to the components and use a lariat style fastening.

At the moment, I'm thinking I will use Sterling Silver throughout on this project and again will focus on a core group of pieces. My core group will consist of earring(post),earring(hook),ring,bangle,necklace. 

Thanks for calling in.