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Monday, 18 April 2016

Simply Metal

Hi Everyone
I'm working on my Simply Metal Collection again this week. The first set of designs are based around some 4cm diameter copper organic shaped circles. I've been experimenting with using solder as part of a decorative feature but am not hugely enthusiastic with my results. My plans today are to development all the pieces and make final decisions about the use of the solder. I'm undecided about what to do ? I'm considering adding some smaller silver circles to the copper and perhaps fusing some silver where my decorative solder was to be. I can control where the silver is places rather than relying on the luck of where the solder will flow. 

The photo story shows the development of my collection to date. I'm waiting for some new silver wire to arrive before developing the bangle - I'm hoping it will come today. I also need to attach a copper ring to the silver ring and finish. I will share further developments tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.