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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Simply Metal - latest news.

Hi Everyone
I'm almost finished the Silver/Copper mini Collection. I have the last item, a Silver bangle to make and I'm there. However, I do have lots of polishing to do and some packaging to develop, so I'm looking at a few more days of work. Yesterday, I messed around with the Silver rings and the organic Copper rings were soldered onto the shanks.


Both rings need cleaning/polishing but I like the designs. The ring called '2' is raised above the finger by narrowing the shank at the contact points, the Copper ring is almost 'hovering' above and soldered on the edge. This design is especially 'pleasing' to me. Number 1 ring is a simple band with the Copper placed on top. My similar prototype ring (in Copper) had a double band and I decided it looked slightly messy around the contact points. To retain the double band idea! I had thought, I would add two single bands together and mount the Copper on top, giving a similar look - maybe I will make another ?
I'm planning on having the pieces photographed next week, so deadlines are looming ! I could go on forever dreaming up variations ! However, with a pinch of objectivity, I think I'm ready to move on.

Thanks for calling in.