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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Simply Silver (and Copper)

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a little progress from yesterday's experiments. Throughout this project, I've been looking for a way to combine metals, while using solder in the design. After lots of attempts to use the solder as a decorative feature as well as attaching the metals together, I've started to add actual silver in addition to the solder. The Silver  allows me to place the metal where I want it, rather than simply hoping the solder will flow to where I want it. However, I've not abandoned the decorative solder idea and will continue to think about ways of making it work. My experiments from yesterday have continued with the copper organic circle components and (in some cases) added silver circles to enhance the pieces.


Ive also made a copper ring including one of the organic circles, I like the double band style and the component worked well. I will make a silver version in the same way. I've really enjoyed making these organic ring components and I love the finish of the shiney copper.
Today, I'm going to complete the earrings in the Collection but am waiting for some Silver to arrive before I can start the bangle and ring. I've got lots more ideas to incorporate my organic circles for more jewellery, so I may add a few extra items to the Collection.

Thanks for reading.