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Friday, 30 March 2012

Is thepapersac village a Portas Pilot ?

Hi Everyone
weather great again - sun quite warm already (its 8.30am) - sky is blue.

I have a few photos of yesterdays paintings - just a little addition to each project. Need to change a few things with Mary - I don't like the flower brooch - she needs another style of brooch - have a few ideas.

The papersac village stuff is making slow progress and still not quite right but I am moving it on - I thought the green colours were wrong but I'm not so sure now - much more of a layer thing (not enough layers yet).
 I've added some hills and given a base for the houses and the green is not so bad ? - I need to grade the colours today. I think more little houses too - different design of house would be good.

What we need is shops and a High Street - Mary must have a role here !!!!
 Also added more dimention (in sketch mode) with fields and more houses. Will again add lots of layers and more patterns.
The last thing I added here was the pathway - have some plans to make a garden infront of the house. I need to allocate each of these houses to one of my dolls. I need to move into thepapersac village myself - its always sunny !
I also started to decorate the little wooden houses - not sure if this one will stay with the colours - it will ned to match one of the houses in the pictures.

I have lost the plot with filling up my shop today. My review has decided to concentrate on pictures but will still aim to fill up to the required (my target) target items (in the Folksy Shop) I think we are are up to 16 - best get working.

Bye for now.